Please respect artist copyright. My Mr Pelican.
My Mr Pelican – SOLD
November 25, 2012
boats at myola, original painting by hela donela
Boats at Myola
February 25, 2013


For my love. For your belief. Thank you. I will raise my head high and smile.
This was painted at a time when my aversion to brushes was at its strongest. My toolset would include kids socks, butter knives – wooden and plastic – and pieces of driftwood found on the beach. Anything that felt right in my hand. I felt I was a child that had never learned to use the knife and fork properly and had finally been given the permission to eat with fingers. FREEDOM!
Acrylic and mixed medium on unstreched cotton
102cm x 133cm
notes: NFS

Please respect artist copyright. © Hela Donela