My art is a path to visual meditation; moments of peace and reminders of the beauty around us, being true to yourself and being real.

A few years ago, a near-death accident made me embrace my art. It woke me up to realise the importance of being honest to ourselves.

In a hectic world we all need something that makes us pause and allows us to breathe - to FEEL: the pain, the joy, the growth, the silence and the sound... We all need someone, or something, in our lives that grabs us and whispers. Someone, who reminds us: 'Embrace the ones you hold dear. Do it today. Do it NOW.'

My paintings, born from raw emotion, have this voice. When creating my art, I am not afraid of mistakes. I do not believe in perfection in art or try to imitate the nature - nor I treat my paintings gently. In my art you find stainless steel, copper and sand paper used in harmony with traditional painting mediums.

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