Wild About Flowers, 2019
Wild About Flowers
April 26, 2019
After the Rain, 2018
After the Rain
September 26, 2018
Take Me Home, 2018
  • MediumStainless steel wire and acrylic on gallery stretched linen

MEDIUM: acrylic on 500gsm pure linen
SIZE: approx size 60cm x 60cm, unframed
YEAR: 2018

Take another glance at the humble dandelion,
And see that I truly am no weed.

Please plant me in your garden,
So that I can bring sun to your days, forever and ever.


Moons over the lawn replace the suns
That mowers happily had missed,
Where age would stoop, a babe will squat
And rise with star fluff in its fist.

(Vladimir Nabokov, “Dandelion”)