wail of the magpie - broken dreams, painting by hela donela
Wail of the Magpie 4 – Broken Dreams
November 3, 2016
callala smoke - 9x5 impressionistic painting by hela donela
Callala Smoke – SOLD
November 13, 2016

South Coast Aspects 2/4: WATER

south coast aspects. water, original painting by hela donela

This large body of water
waiting for my naked toes
– such naivety!

MEDIUM AND MATERIALS USED: acrylic and metal staples on 100% gallery linen
SIZE: Approx size 60.5 x 60.5 cm (currently not framed, stretched gallery canvas ready to hang)
YEAR: 2016 (November)

south coast aspects - water, original painting by hela donela