Forbidden Field - painting by Hela Donela
Forbidden Field
March 1, 2016
Painting by Hela Donela: A Garden For Dreamingg
A garden for dreaming
June 1, 2016

Sneaky peek to my next exhibition “UNEDITED” at Balmain Watch House, opening 1st April 6pm.

These are some of the paintings that will be exhibited in my next solo show at the Balmain Watch House. My exhibition is titled “UNEDITED” and it opens on Friday 1st April 6pm.

This time, in addition to the exhibition and sale of my works, I will also be running two half day workshops in collaboration with a Sydney leading mind trainer, Dr Samantha Graham. These workshops are titled “ART IN MIND” and they provide an introduction to mindfulness techniques and insight to artist world in how to use mind training techniques to reach the “creative zone” faster and with more ease.

More information here:

The title of my workshop “UNEDITED” is meant to reflect the need to be real + present and the importance to learn to turn down the volume of the inner critic living within all of us.

I look forward to meeting old and new faces and sharing stories and enjoying the moment.