December 25, 2012
January 25, 2013

Most expensive canvas I have ever painted on

Most expensive canvas I have ever painted on

This post is about encouragement and… I was going to say… ‘faith’, but perhaps I should say ‘trust’.

A couple of years ago I was at a point in my life that I knew that I should keep painting, but I was more focused on supervising the children’s projects than devoting appropriate time to my own works.

I knew I had lived enough to be able to find my own voice. I knew it was there, already to be seen, albeit somewhat weak.

I am fortunate to have a very close and dear person that keeps encouraging me (and critisising me), someone that has solid faith that my works will keep getting stronger and stronger. But it was a totally new experience to have someone else to express the same trust in me.

When Chris and Jenny requested that I would paint a pair of sunflower paintings for them, I nervously said that I would like to, but had no money to buy canvas. “Not to worry”, said Chris. The next day he brought me a pair of large (and obviously) good quality canvas. I could see that they had been painted over. Later I learnt that they had ordered and paid good money for a pair of paintings from a local gallery. Thease two paintings were now covered over with white and were presented to me. I was given total freedom. If they didn’t like the paintings, they wouldn’t have to buy them. These were definitely the most expensive canvas I have ever painted on.

Looking back, I am extremely grateful for this encouragement and act of trust. The feeling is somewhat similar to like the first painting I ever sold to a complete stranger. The first stranger who said ‘yes, I like that one, I would love to own it’. Not a friend. Not a relative. A stranger.