We live from light (2)
January 13, 2015
The way I paint…
March 19, 2015

Lessons from my father: We need light

I was walking in the forest with my father. Many of the trees had been planted by my grandfather. My father stopped in front of two birch trees.

I do not know another tree that I love as much as birch trees. The white trunks splashed with charcoal stripes. The rustling of the leaves and their many uses. No wonder traditional image of a young and beautiful Finnish girl is always next to a birch tree…

One of the trees had the typical snow-white appearance, yet the other one, standing only a few feet apart, was grey and dull in its’ colour. “WHY?” asked my father “why is this one so grey compared to the other tree?” I had no idea, not the faintest. My father then explained how a birch tree when growing needs space and light, and ONLY then… it will develop its characteristic white bark. Otherwise, a birch tree that has grown in darkness, will forever stay dull and grey.

I treasured this moment. And dwelled on the thought for a long time, how we all, plants, animals, humans… we all need light. Physical, spiritual, knowledge… A painting was born in my mind. The original was purchased by a private collector in Finland. I recently felt a strong urge to develop the theme and the series and “We live from light (2)” was born (above). This painting will be exhibited at the Balmain Watch House (27/2 – 1/3)