pink tulips original painting by hela donela
Pink Tulips
November 3, 2016
wail of the magpie - broken dreams, painting by hela donela
Wail of the Magpie 4 – Broken Dreams
November 3, 2016

Inspiration behind Wail of the Magpie 4 – Broken Dreams

“They asked us
what we wanted to be
& some kids knew the drill:
policeman, fireman, even
a journalist (though the
kid said reporter) & of
course the train driver.
I thought of the future.
I couldn’t imagine it.
In a sense
I had no dreams.
It remains my one wisdom.”


This painting continues my “Wail of the Magpie” series: a discussion of pain and hope.

It also questions perceptions of permanence. Mixing high quality paints and more unconventional materials: egg shells and straw that are typically viewed as fragile, all on pure thick 100% linen (considered one of the best painting surfaces), I examine the stability and continuity of our values.

Last summer I visited Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku, Finland. A most fascinating place anyone could walk through. In the middle of the medieval stone walls, in a glass cabinet, I saw egg shell fragments – preserved for hundreds of years.

I often laugh at people’s concern for the “longevity” of art. I have been critisised for using acrylic paints, not oil: “I suppose – if looked after properly – acrylic will keep well, too” was the so called art-professional’s comment. In my astonishment I had no come back, no reply.

A few days later I thought of a smart remark to say…

While I value and understand the need to use high quality paints and materials, I am amazed that we seem to be more concerned of what becomes of a painting in 40, 50 years than what becomes of our earth in less.

wail of the magpie - broken dreams, painting by hela donela