Sunflowers in Summer NIght painting by Hela Donela
Sunflowers in Summer Night – SOLD
October 1, 2015
Dandelion - original painting by Hela Donela
Dandelions – SOLD
November 1, 2015

Empty Chair

empty chair - painting by hela donela

“I hope you never feel this much despair – Or know the meaning of that empty chair…” (Diana Krall, Abandoned Masquerade)

This painting is dedicated to all fathers and grandfathers, to those that love tulips, the ones alive and the ones now asleep.

May no chair in your garden ever be empty.

October 2015
Acrylic and metal wire on repurposed canvas with board back
Approx 125 x 96 cm inc frame

Notes: Currently in artist private collection, POA

empty chair - painting by hela donela