born: in FINLAND

Unable to quench my thirst in creating art and painting, I have looked for my voice, my true self.

In early 2013 a near-death accident made me embrace my art. It woke me up to realise the importance of pursuing what I love. It opened my eyes.

My art is a path to visual meditation; moments of peace and reminders of the beauty around us, being true to yourself and being real.

In a hectic world we all need something to makes us pause and to breathe - to FEEL: the pain, the joy, the growth, the silence and the sound... We need someone who whispers: 'embrace the ones you hold dear. NOW. Do it today.'

I have watched Hela Donela’s work with great interest - - - Hela “lives and breathes” her work and when she paints, she is able to be deeply Present. Her calling to paint and be guided by her own creative process is strong and the beauty that emerges is mesmerizing.

Dr. Samantha Graham


JUNE 8 - JULY 8 2017 "FLOWERS AND WORDS", Little Blowhole Art Bar, Kiama NSW

DEC 2016 - JAN 2017 "CALLALA 16", Callala Beach NSW

NOV - DEC 2016, "Painting Impressionism" 9x5 Art Prize, Bondi NSW, Higly Commended

APR 2016 "UNEDITED" Balmain watch house, Sydney NSW

JUN 2015 "LOCAL SCENES", Mountain Ridge Wines, Berry NSW

FEB 2015 “BREATHE”, Balmain watch house, Sydney NSW

2015 Running a student art program & mural project at Callala Public school

JULY - AUG 2013 "HERE, THERE AND IN BETWEEN", Tapulimakasiini Jokioinen, Finland

NOV - DEC 2012 "SMALL BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS", Morrellis Wines, Berry NSW

OCT 2012 - DEC 2014 mentorship with Simon Brushfield, Australian contemporary artist


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